How online multimeditation works


This is for all you stressed out moms and pops who can’t seem to find a moment to relax. Apart from worrying about your kids and never seeming to get things done at home, you still have to work during the day. So who’s got time to relax? Who’s got time to meditate even? Come on guys, think about this for a moment; many of you are do this without even realizing it. There is a special en suite sanctuary where all workaholics turn to at certain opportune times of the day or night. It is usually situated in or next to your bathroom.

Your folks usually rolled a newspaper or magazine under their arms before quietly locking the door behind them. Today, many of you are slipping in with your mobiles or tablets and instant access to the internet. Provided that there was enough soft ply paper within arm’s reach, that feeling of relief you felt at the end of it all. Nice, wasn’t it? But not quite. Surely this is not the perfect setting for meditation, even with a candle or scent. And this is not something you expose yourself to on a regular basis, not deliberately, anyway.

You are still preoccupying your mind far too much with what is going on on the internet or your favorite social media network. Move away from that area and, by all means, make use of the internet. This is a good time to be introduced to online multimeditation techniques. Everything is noisily multimedia these days, so why not meditation too. Only this time there won’t be any noise that’s going to distract you from the complete emptying of your thoughts. Because that’s what you need to do when you meditate perfectly.

We digress. There will be some noise about you. Only the noises you hear this time are designed to soothe you. It is like listening to your favorite tracks. They put you in a good frame of mind, or at least in a place where you want to be. But these areas aren’t always doing the trick of relaxing your mind. Listening to a love song can bring up memories that might sometimes bring on a little pain. Here you will be introduced to musical sounds that will gently help you to free your mind from life’s usual distractions. There will be plenty of natural sounds that you might not have been exposed to before.

Living in the proverbial concrete jungle keeps you far removed from the sounds of the ocean’s waves or the conversational and mystical calls these ocean’s whales make. You also have the sounds that the gentle streams out in the countryside make. Birds in their trees and even the hooting sounds some small mammals make at night. Even the sound of a bell, gong or clock is used to help you to relax. You will also be color bound with madalas and videos.